Raury “All We Need”Art Show

Oct. 8th 2015

I fell through the Besharat Contemporary arty gallery to attend a Raury “All We Need” listening session / Sage Guillory art show. The gallery was beautiful. I pulled up to a garden type setting with really dope sculptures all around. I showed up to the 4 pm session I believe so the crowd was too thick. When we enter the gallery we were handed a pair of Beats headphones and a mp3 3 player that was set up to play the album simultaneously for the group.

The album coupled with the setting and the art work made for a very moving experience. I think Sage Guillory did an amazing job bringing the music to life before my eyes on the canvas. Also I feel like the album was a breath of fresh air because of his originality. People are going to make their comparisons but to me I feel like he does a great job of separating himself from a lot of rappers from and creating in Atlanta today. I definitely would recommend picking up the album cause it can speak for itself.

I may have missed a couple pieces from the show but I’m sure you guys will enjoy what i got tho!

1. All We Need, 2. Revolution, 3. Forbidden Knowledge, 4. Woodcrest Manor II, 6. Devil’s Whisper, 7. Peace Prevail, 8. Crystal Express, 12. Mama, 13. Kingdom Come, 14. Friends


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