Manman Savage Pop-up Show




November 26th 2015

On Thanks Giving Day Manman Savage and OPB put on a pop-up show at Department Store aka Erosol. That night they put on what was easily one of the most entertaining  shows I have caught so far. I say that because Manman Savage and Key! are some one my favorite rappers right now and the show wasn’t packed out. I could move from the back of the crowd to the front with no problem which is definitely not a norm at their shows.

It was almost like getting a personal show from these guys. Manman did maybe 8-12 (Shorty don’t do it, Trapped House, etc) songs just by himself, Key! did 3 or 4 (Bet it, Acetone, etc), then they did like 3 songs together (Bring Me Drank, Don’t Believe me II). They did songs from numerous projects the dropped, most of them came from Manman’s “Young and Reckless” tape. It was a dope way to hear the tape for the first time.

I am glad I caught the show, I think it’ll be one I remember for a long time. Shout out to Manman, Key!, the homie Redd Smash, and the rest of OPB. I’m sure they’re going to continue murdering the underground rap scene of Atlanta in 2016.

I put together a little compilation video to sum up the night, I hope it does it justice. Check me out!



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