3 Tapes I Played a Ton During May

Larry keep coming with the fire. Their last drop 3200 was more heat added to the flame. Their sound just keeps getting better and better. Its like they still feel like old Larry from “Splash!” but the production is like times 10. My favorite songs from the tape are: “30”, “La Flare Freestyle”, and “Doing The Most”.

Lil Larri teams up with Lil Citgo for a ridiculous 3 track EP. Lots of fun hooks from Citgo and all the classic Larri delivery I love so much. Ya Ya hey! Dope project. Its cool to see Larri reaching back to bring another artist up into the spot light shouts out to both of those guys!!!

I know I’m crazy late to this tape but never the less I played it a ton last month. I feel like considering how late I am there is not a ton that I can really say about this project that most do not already know but for those of you that don’t know I’ll say this. The tape is full of amazing melodies, descriptions of an artist struggle to make onto the stage that he aspires to be and some really dope features from guys like Coolismac, Rich the Kid and more. Highly recommend listening if you haven’t already. My favorite tracks from the tape are “Progress”, “Potential” and “Choze”



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