3 Tapes I Played a Ton During March

This is the most recent project release from a heavy weight on the scene. I fuck with Father the long way and he really came back strong with this one. I feel like the tape still sounds like that classic Dad that we all fell in love with but it brings in some fresh lyrics, fun flows, and lots of those weird ass Awful sounds. The tape is crazy entertaining.

My 3 favorite songs off of the tape are: “Why Don’t U”, “Lanes”, and “Fuck Up the Sheraton”. There were more tracks on the tape that was on soundcloud but I guess he decided that it was defintiely worth paying for so he took them down and made it available only on soundcloud. Dope business play if I do say so myself. The tape is still dope though regardless.

I got put onto this guy from my homie DJ King Eron from the GSU radio station. I was checking out the group he is inĀ Lousy Human Bastards. He told me to check his tape out, I did and I started playing it like a couple times a day. Bro’s lyrics, delivery, and his production are top notch. I think it definitely some of the best music getting made by a collective that may not necessarily be widely recognized.

My 3 favorite tracks from the tape are: “Maniac”, “Poole Palace”, and “Gorillaz”.

I kept seeing this guy performing on the scene almost where ever I went. Then I started seeing him around campus and hearing his music on my homie’s radio show! Prety much I had to check him out and I hate that it took me so long to do so. Bro has a really unique and fun sound. Its kinda classic but new age at the same time. He also has really dope visuals and take a really boss ass approach when doing shows. He’s really an interesting character.

3 of my favorite tracks from the tape are: “Carl Johnson”, “Anime”, and “Fissure”