3 Tapes I Played a Ton During January

Martin Luther Key I played the hell out of this tape!


A few of my favorite tracks from the project are “Say no mo”, “Ghost”, and “Just Wanna”. I have been a fan of Key! since my freshman year of college (which was 2 years ago). I feel like he has been able to consistently crank out projects and tracks that have a fun energy, dope melodies, and great production. Definitely excited to see what 2016 is gonna bring for Fat Man!!

I saw these guys perform a lot of these tracks before I heard the tape at a Department Store show last December. They put on a great show. I think that made me fuck with those tracks that much more. A few of my favorite tracks from the tape are “Haters”, “GPS”, and “1 on 1”. I’m really fuckin with The Private Club right now. They’re out here making noise! I highly recommend checking these dudes out!!

My homie HVRPCK put me onto Pollari a year ago or so. He told me to go play this song called “Funds”, I did, and I have been rocking with Larri ever since. This is his latest project and I think that its dope as fuck! He gave me exactly what I was hoping to get from him. I think he definitely started out the year strong like Schwarzenegger. He has a show coming up later this month I’m amped up about! You guys be sure to stay up on what this guy Pollari is up to this year.

Make sure you keep an eye on this wave thats coming!!!