3 Tapes I PLayed a Ton During April

Ok first we got Lil Tape

This tape comes from a member of the Iconic collective out of at Atlanta, “Two-9”, “Retro Jace” or just “Jace” is what he’s been going by lately. I definitely respected his lyrical ability based off of works that I would listen to from “Two-9”. I felt like bro always brought the really creative flow patterns and had really good word play. But this was the first time I really sat and got to analyze him as a artist alone and I was really impressed at how strong musically he stood alone. He really put together a great project that I could hit play on and listen to from start to finish.

My 3 favorite tracks from the tape are: “Dirty”, “Lick Read”, and “Rush”.

Next up we got this guy Young Skrrt

I had this producer I know tell me about this guy then I saw him doing a show at Artlanta the very next week. I thought bro had a really fun sound that was easy to get with. I was following him every since then. I caught him at a couple more shows, saw him out at a few places, even interviewed him. I hope to be getting that video to you guys soon, he’s a really dope individual who I believe has really solid vision for what he wants to do with his music. I feel like he’s definitely going to pop off in the city even harder than he is already. This project was very dope! Lots of great beats, lots of that Esco sauce I fuck with, and its like the sound is similar to a lot of the shit I like to listen to when it comes to things like subject matter and even a general sound, but even with that said its very unique to Terrence his self. Its like the perfect amount of originality and common ground. I’m not completely sure how describe it. Listen to this tape and you will feel what I’m saying. #UDIGG

My 3 favorite tracks from the tape are: “Amatuer Hour”, “Rollin W/ Rxlvnd”, and “Uber Delorean”. “W/ My Young” gets that honorable mentioned. The whole tape fire really!!!

Last but extremely far from least we got Lil Uzi

I really be feeling like I can’t even post bro on this blog because of how much he exploded over the past months!! I feel like its disrespectful at this point to call him underground but I saw him for the first time at a small show in “Department Store” and became a huge fan of his through this scene out here. I also caught that “Left Right” Tour with Carti, shit was insane. So even though he as exploded way off into a somewhat more mainstream scene I still consider hi to be a subject I can touch on with this blog. But not on to Uzi vs The World. HOLY SHIT the tape was fire!!! Lived up to and surpassed the hype he had built up to that point. It is a really fun tape to listen to. Its like the Uzi we had got to know times 1000!!

My 3 favorite tracks from the tape are: “Hi Roller”, “Grab the Wheel”, and “P’s and Q’s”

I love this fucking city and the dope ass music that is coming out of it. Its beautiful!!!