Song of the Day

I saw Tommy come out to Raur Fest the other week and do this track. The performance was so epic. His energy was insane. He really looked like he was losing his mind up there. It makes me wanna lose my mind whenever I hear it now. Check it out and if you like it go and check out the rest of his latest tape “The Other Side of the Moon”.


Uno The Activist // Artlanta Show


Uno came through Artlanta on the 5th and turnt that bitch all the way up. He was also joined by Tommy Swisher, Teddy Blow, and Swag Hollywood. It was one of the best shows I have seen in a while. Not too many acts. All of the acts brought great energy and most importantly great music. I also through in some footage from another show they did the following week. Hope you guys fuck with it!!!